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Introducing the makers - designer Päivi Keski-Pomppu

Introducing the makers - designer Päivi Keski-Pomppu

Päivi Keski-Pomppu has a jewellery store in Helsinki. It is located very near to the centrum, but in the area which feels more middle European than Finnish, with its tiny cafees and small shops. Päivi shares the store with another designer. Having the store makes Päivi's work diverse. She not only meets her customers and designs and crafts new jewels, but she also takes care of the store layout and graphical look, arranges events and photoshoots, keeps up the webshop and answers any questions people may have.

Customers come to Päivi when they desire a unique jewel or collection. Desired jewel might be for a gift or for oneself to mark a moment in life. Some jewels even gain a status of an amulet. Wedding rings are common jewels to be made to order. For a designer, it is pleasing that people are willing to spend time to plan unique jewels for special occasions and that those jewels truly have meaning for their holders.

Usually designing a jewel for a customer starts from a vague idea of what the customer wants. Customers may have chosen Päivi for her previous collections, from where they found idioms that they like. Some even give only the budget and let Päivi do the design freely. That kind of trust feels always extraordinary. Then there are customers who know exactly what they want, and customers that know somewhat but who polish the plan further with Päivi. The diversity of assignments is the salt of the design work.

Design work has always been Päivi's dream. She feels the urge to create - has always felt. The urge is not limited to jewels or any particular materials. The design and content are important. Content includes details, shapes and meanings of design decisions. It's also important to craft the object with care. Especially with jewels, when each piece is like a miniature sculpture, the work quality matters a lot.

Päivi's jewels are often very reduced and plain. She feels that bare jewels bring forth ideas the best. Usually a new idea for a jewel comes to Päivi as a reduced thought or a figure of speech. The thought can also be about how the jewel will be worn or a playful idea of letting some parts of jewel move around, or combining different colors with silver and gold. Also, the endless possibilities of different jewels with the same kind of stone give Päivi ideas for new collections.

Lumoava Bridge collection is a perfect example of Päivi's style. The design is very simple, but it has a strong meaning: it is about the connection and the space between two people. Both are needed in a good relationship. The arcs in the bracelet reflect the connection and support, but because they don't touch each other, they present the space, too. The arcs also reflect the distance and journey from one soul to another.

For Lumoava Moment, Päivi got an idea from Helsinki railway station's roof pillars. Architecture is one of the inspiring aspects for Päivi: buildings bear layers of different times to our environment. But the buildings we see every day need to be seen with new eyes to see their beauty.

When traveling daily, Päivi had time to rest her eyes in the roof pillars. They became a part of leaving and arriving. While traveling, the traveler is only there: on the journey. From there comes also the name for the collection, Moment.

In Päivi's own style of wearing jewels, less is more. She has a few precious jewels, which mark important moments in her life. She has a bracelet, which was the corner stone of one of her collections. It's quite a simple bracelet, but it has some twigs in it, for example the locking mechanism isn't quite ordinary. Päivi also has a ring, which she has altered many times to fit for her current life situation over the years.

Using jewels is also a part of Päivi's work: she will feel if the weight is distributed evenly and how the jewel will work in everyday life. New designs find their final shape over time - or sometimes the jewel will feel ready at once. Whether the jewel will be a part of a collection or not, will be clarified over time, too.

Päivi wishes that when her jewels are used by their owners, they will cause pleasant feelings. The jewel doesn't have to be unique for it to produce unique meanings. That is the great power of jewels.

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