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About us - Blue Ice Jewellery

We are a father and daughter from Finland. Our passion is to share beauty around the world. We sell jewellery made in Finland. We guarantee Finnish quality for all our products and our work.

We sell Lumoava brand, which is made at the heart of Savo, city of Kuopio. Savo is a province of jovial people, who don't stress about life. That is the spirit we follow, also.

Now we want to let the world know about these beauties. We think everyone deserves something elegant in their life!

Do not hesitate to contact us at in any matter. We are happy to help you.

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Who we are 

JohannaJohanna is responsible for running the daily life of Blue Ice Jewellery. She is a software developer in her day job. She likes to wear dashing jewellery to make every day special. Follow Johanna on Twitter.